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Dynamics AX: .Net BC Custom App, Advanced Connection Talk
Alright now that we have looked into what can be done to create a connection, lets talk about what kind of different setups can be done with this. The previous way I showed you, is one where the first for a given site to login is the granted .Net BC proxy account, in which the rest of the users login through. So if:

Sam logins, then in the Online users form you will see:

Sam, Connection Type = Business Proxy Account
Sam, Connection Type = Web User

And then as each other person logs in, you will see:

Sam, Connection Type = Business Proxy Account
Sam, Connection Type = Web User
John, Connection Type = Web User
Susan, Connection Type = Web User
Joe, Connection Type = Web User

As the day progresses, and Same leaves, maybe Joe get's logged in as the Business Proxy Account. Then Sam's first connection would be gone, and Joe would have what Sam has above. This works great for internal applications, internal, intranet based applications, where all users are part of the AD domain, and therefore easily managed.

Now for more advanced topics, lets say you have a high end web application, and you want consumers to login as web users, based on the web user, user relation data you setup for them. So what you could do here is:

(1) Take and create a new Application Pool in IIS for your site.
(2) Create a AD account that has correct rights in DAX, including Business Proxy Account rights.
(3) Set the identity for the Application Pool to the new user
(4) Instead of supplying the NC / Network Cred. Object with the given user, supply it with the one for the given Application Pool

What this does is it allows a given "generic" account from AD to be the Business Proxy Account for your custom site. Then you would have:

Site1Account, Connection Type = Business Proxy Account
CustomerA, Connection Type = Web
CustomerB, Connection Type = Web

And furthermore, in doing this option, you could setup multiple sites, for multiple instance of Dynmaics AX. So two very different approachs on this matter, and this all depends on the needs of your site, and what you are trying to accomplish. Just keep in mind the Business Proxy account is what all Web users make use of for executiong rights, and coming into Dynamics AX. Seperate rights can exists for Web Users for the different sections of Dynamics AX.

Well Check back soon as I continue my talks on the .Net BC and Custom ASP.Net Application series!

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