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msdynamicsworld: Power BI Insights: 2019 in review; Power BI misconceptions; Activity Log; Report performance; Data culture

Power BI pros share their insights on 2019 in Power BI news, common misconceptions, using Activity Log, boosting report performance and learning more about the product.

2019 year in review

Kasper de Jonge, writing on Kasper on BI looked back at 2019, describing it as a "huge year" for the product. He wrote:
For me 2019 has been the year where Power BI got massive adoption as the standard BI platform in an organisation, it went from self serve to also contain corporate BI. These two pictures from one of Arun’s keynote presentations shows it nicely. In 2015 we were all about Data Exploration for self serve analytics.

Since then Power BI has added Desktop, Report Builder, paginated reports, datasets, dataflows, AI, governance and ALM to name just a few different capabilities. A slew of other features came about in 2019, from new AI features, BYOK and calculation groups to lineage and data protection or the activity log and service mail to tenant admins. According to de Jonge, Workspace v2 may be the most important of the bunch. It no longer relies on Office 365 groups, so that groups live in Power BI without appearing in SharePoint.

<h2>Dispelling misconceptions about Power BI

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