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alirazazaidi: Item Group is not specified Dynamics Ax 2012

Until and unless you have not good grip on functional side, you are unable to deliver customization. This idea constantly grow in mind and now started to grow as fear,

What if the functional consultant is not available or not provide good testing. And your piece of Code breaks in Production.  In ERP things goes beyond unit testing, We need extensive scenario based testing. In ERP development is easy, but covering all possible scenarios is tough, you have to grow functionally.

So I started to explore functional side by my own. And small issue starts to popup and now I started to document as I faced them 1 by 1 during learning process.

So I got very small issues. When I tried to use a newly created item in purchase line.

Item Group is not specified for item.

It took me almost 10-15 minutes where is the Item group in Release product detail form.

I found it in Manage Costs fast tab.

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