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Старый 04.06.2019, 10:24   #1  
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New flexible service updates for Dynamics 365 for Finance and OperationsMuhammad Alam General Manager, Dynamics 365
Muhammad Alam, General Manager, Dynamics 365
Choice and flexibility for service updates
During this period, we’ve studied the impact of providing one version for all customers, including those who operate in regulated industries and have seasonality needs. Today, customers can choose to stay updated between 4 and 10 times a year depending on whether they elect to skip updates. Based on feedback and an independent study, we’re providing more flexibility by adding an extra pause option and enhancing our update cadence. With these new options, customers who want to stay continuously updated can still do so and don’t have to change anything. However, customers such as those operating in regulated industries have the option to pause up to three continuous updates. This, along with a change in when we will ship updates, effectively allows our customers to get into a predictable minimum 2x a year cycle of staying current. To stay committed to this predictability, we will now deliver eight new service updates per year and provide an additional cycle of servicing support for the prior version:
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