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dynamicsaxse: February 2018 Release – Dynamics AX2012 R3 update

The February release for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version is now available in LCS on the updates tile inside your R3 project. This update represents a typical collection of smaller functional improvements and technical fixes. Bugs were fixed in all areas with enhancements found in Warehouse & Transportation, Master planning, Service Management, Procurement, Sales, Client, Server, SI, Project Accounting, Inventory, Retail, DIXF, APAC, Europe and LATAM localizations, Production, Cash and Bank, Expense, and Tax updates. Please see the full list of hotfixes below to search for your specific issue newly included in this release. This release is a cumulative package including all other fixes released in the prior CU13 update as well as the recent monthly updates. This release is intended to give visibility into fixes recently shipped for R3, including some features and design changes that are newly released in this month.

Here are a few details related to this release:
• Primary Build: 6.3.6000.4901
• Number of Application hotfixes: 121
• Number of Binary hotfixes: 16

Details of the install process can be found here:

What is included in this month’s release?

Design Change Requests, Reg’F

KB DetailsDescription of issue or change requestDescription of enhancementKB_4078432Bing Maps API is deprecated. It must be updated to a new API.The changes in the hotfix update the code to call the updated Bing Maps API. It also resolves two issues where the customer address is inserted into the map incorrectly and the pin location numbers do not match the stores listed.KB_4082862If earned loyalty point is applied and the point is redeemed, after you return original sales, the loyalty card balance is negative.</p> This change adds the new field to make "allow return without enough loyalty points" configurableKB_4058327This hotfix addresses the GST Update 2 for India in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.The changes in the hotfix enable the GST Update 2 for India in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.KB_4076352When you cancel a sales order (SO) with many lines and sales tax on lines, it takes hours to complete.The changes in the hotfix update the code to only execute the credit limit calculation once for each canceled sales orderKB_4088314If the master planning (MRP) process runs with a non-system admin role, the intercompany demand is ignored.The changes in the hotfix add a new privilege and a duty. The privilege gives the read access to a minimum set of tables which allows MRP to pick up the intercompany demand. You need to create a new role, please according to you select transactions to be adjusted by specifying a financial date range, and then adjust these transactions to the item cost price, an adjustment is created on only a small number of line. When you post the adjustment, you receive the following error message:

"Out of memory."The changes in the hotfix include redesigning on-hand & transactions adjustment functions.KB_4076333The minimum level of the security connection protocol will be upgraded to the version TLS 1.2.The changes in the hotfix support the version TLS 1.2 of the security connection protocol for the Elster functionality.KB_4086195Polish XSLT in SAF for VAT shema, JPK_VAT(3), from 1st January 2018 needs to be updated in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.The changes in the hotfix change the XSLT transformation and add the new fields to the report dialog form.KB_4082759Changes are required in 2-NDFL and 6-NDFL reports submitted to Tax authorities.The changes in the hotfix make changes in 2-NDFL and 6-NDFL reports.KB_4090358The Property tax declaration and Advance calculation report formats in paper and electronic form are changed.The Property tax declaration and Advance calculation report formats in paper and electronic form are changed.KB_4057507GDPR - data privacy.

Software Quality Metric (SQM) data should not be collected for AX2012 R3.

This collection is enabled through the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) feature.This change turns off the data collection from the Dynamics AX client side.  The data storage is already disabled from the Microsoft system.KB_4077527When you attempt to use the Pay gift card functionality to issue a refund, it fails because the card is not issued.The changes in the hotfix ask you if you want to issue a new gift card with that number when the gift card does not exist. If yes, then issue a new gift card with the number and amount of 0 first, and then use that gift card for refunds.

Fixes Released

KB NumberComplete Feature PathTitleKB_4076899DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call CenterNotes from both SO and customer are printed on the SO invoiceKB_4089500DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Other PaymentsCall center generate RMA doesn't refund to the linked (credit card) paymentKB_4087375DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Channel managementRetail MPOS quotes included in sales and tax amounts on the X and Z reportsKB_4088724DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement PostingCustomer Transaction table is missing retail references for on account deposit paymentKB_4076685DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Pricing and DiscountsPrice/discount journals don't filter by price/discount groupKB_4088868DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Daily OperationsGift Receipt Does Not Display Invoice Number and BarcodeKB_4090518DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Hardware and PeripheralsLine amount is not refreshed on Line Display after discount is appliedKB_4088867DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\InfocodesIssues with a staff info code input on POSKB_4092523DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\InfocodesLinked info codes in affiliation aren't triggered on EPOSKB_4089338DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Product Browsing and DetailsKits are added to a POS sale with no price when searching the kit by nameKB_4087301DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other TransactionsSales tax can be overridden even though not applicable "Sales tax override group"KB_4089339DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other TransactionsPrice override operation doesn't prompt for manager credentials in MPOSKB_4077625DAXSE\AXLBrazil/BRA: Tables are created for standard during released productsKB_4077995DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizationsIndia/IND: "Cannot edit a record" error when trying to do a SO picking list operationKB_4057622DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Australia and New ZealandAustralia/AUS: Australian BAS shows a negative amount in the 1E fieldKB_4089749DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\IndiaIndia/IND: IN-Credit limit error you process a partial quantity release to a warehouse in a sales orderKB_4090657DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\IndiaIndia/IND: Tax Journal menu item is only visible for system administratorKB_4090703DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\IndiaIndia/IND: Withholding tax is not calculated on multiple PO> invoice postingKB_4091308DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\IndiaIndia/IND: "Processing item failed" error when retrieving periodic journal after installing India GSTKB_4091821DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\IndiaIndia/IND: System doesn't exclude GST tax amount from the transaction value while calculating TDS on customer paymentKB_4092532DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\IndiaWrong tax exclusive posting of retail sales return in statement posting in case GTE taxes are not found for original transactionKB_4090345DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\JapanIncorrect due date calculationKB_4089138DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and ThailandThailand/THA: Realized VAT invoice number defaults on payment journal of vendor payment proposal after importing hotfix KB4052061KB_4089131DAXSE\AXL\Europe LocalizationsItaly/ITA: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Italian sales tax payment report shows wrong invoice number for GL transactionsKB_4089574DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\DenmarkDenmark/DNK: Accounting customer party information isn't fetched from the invoice accountKB_4022797DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\FranceFrance/FRA: Cannot generate a payment file that contains payments for vendors in more than one companyKB_4077024DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\FranceFrance/FRA: Missing warning when creating an E-invoiceKB_4089917DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\FranceFrance/FRA: e.invoice tag percent is not correctly locatedKB_4089133DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\AP ARRussia/RUS: "Exception has been thrown" error when posting a vendor invoiceKB_4090358DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Fixed assetsRU - Property tax declaration changes for 2017 reporting AX2012 R3KB_4089136DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Sales taxRussia/RUS: GTD numbers are displayed incorrectly in VAT declarationKB_4089143DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Sales taxRussia/RUS: Wrong data in XML VAT declaration for imported goodsKB_4078144DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\SpainSpain/ESP: ImporteTransmisionSujetoAIVA node is negative when customer has exempt VATKB_4089135DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\BrazilBrazil/BRA: "Summary account for customer" error when posting a SOKB_4089696DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\BrazilBrazil/BRA: "699 Rejection - Interstate ICMS % does not match" error message when you process a complementary invoice for a returned sales orderKB_4089741DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\BrazilBrazil/BRA: Incorrect exempt tax base amount is in the sales tax transactions form on posting the purchase orderKB_4089737DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\MexicoMexico/MEX: "SysDictField object not initialized" error from the AxSalesLine class after installing the hotfix KB 4019752KB_4088169DAXSE\ClientGraph control shrinks when updating graph dataKB_4092207DAXSE\ClientWrong addresses and city information with same IDKB_4088844DAXSE\Client\Doc HandlingSecurity role with view only access to customer form is able to edit and delete the attachment of the formKB_4078229DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF"Cannot create a record" error when importing the data from Product entity to another companyKB_4089212DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXFOnly one field gets mapped when mapping one source field to two or more target fields in DIXFKB_4086193DAXSE\GFM\Accounting FrameworkSDAF needs improvement and there are framework stability issuesKB_4076993DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable"You must select a" error when creating a charge adjustment for a POKB_4087259DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice JournalsBreakdown of voucher entity isn't saved when returning to the functionKB_4087566DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice JournalsCash discount amount gets wiped out when changing an invoice number on an already existing lineKB_4088156DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice JournalsDeletion of "Vendor invoice pool" journal causes data corruption - all unapproved invoices are deletedKB_4090903DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing"The result of the invoice matching process for invoice xxx is unknown" error when you invoice more than one intercompany purchase order with items that has automatic chargesKB_4010792DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\CollectionsAustralia/AUS: Running the write off transactions with the sales tax generates an incorrect amount origin and the tax reversals posting is disabledKB_4077488DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\CollectionsIncorrect customer and notes detail when clicking the Customer button in the Case form communicate tab after hotfix  KB4052673 (Bug 3858172)KB_4088998DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Free Text InvoicePayment schedule doesn't consider payment term base date in free text invoiceKB_4089550DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\ReportsWrong conversion in LineAmountMST in SalesOrderCube viewKB_4072694DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order InvoicingPosing sales invoice batch ends with Success status although there are some journals with posting errorsKB_4088157DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order InvoicingPost Statement: Significant table locks on CustPaymSchedLine bottleneck perf and consume over 90% of SQL Elapsed timeKB_4089319DAXSE\GFM\Address Book"Tax registration must be" warning when creating a new contact in a global address bookKB_4076994DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank ReconciliationSelected transactions become unmarked after marking the open statement linesKB_4089551DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Customer\Payments and SettlementDuplicate records are displayed in customer payment journal list page when the workflow's approval action is assigned to several usersKB_4090316DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\VendorThe form displays all checks for all bank accounts when you click the Payment Display button for a paymentKB_4049169DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and Settlement"The transactions on voucher" error when settling transactions and working with conditional tax and use taxKB_4089559DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and SettlementMissing dimension on payments and settlements on the reversal of the realized exchange adjustment transactionKB_4087359DAXSE\GFM\Expense ManagementNegative expense reports post calculation tax instead of actual sales taxKB_4089015DAXSE\GFM\Expense ManagementCannot add dimension to expense transaction even if the transaction and today's date is within the active periodKB_4076777DAXSE\GFM\General LedgerItaly/ITA: Voucher transactions form opening performs quite slow on customers environmentKB_4089560DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Consolidations"There is an imbalance" error when trying to post consolidation differencesKB_4038314DAXSE\GFM\Tax\ReportsGermany/DEU: Sales tax list report is missing transaction of non-purchase orders postingsKB_4077620DAXSE\GFM\Tax\ReportsReversing invoice settlement with cash discount and sales tax creates incorrect tax information in reconciliation processKB_4024477DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Tax Calculation"Account number for transaction" error is generated by the reverse sales tax on cash discount when posting the payment journalKB_4089352DAXSE\Human ResourcesUnited States/USA: 2017 schema changes are needed for ACA e-filing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3KB_4093047DAXSE\Human Resources\Benefits Administration1095 B and C reports show the duplicated dependents when changing the benefit plan during the middle of the reporting yearKB_4089973DAXSE\Human Resources\PayrollKCMO city tax is not calculated for a supplemental earning codeKB_4091420DAXSE\Human Resources\Payroll"Valid values for the" warning when entering a negative withholdingKB_4090383DAXSE\Public Sector\BudgetEncumbrance relieving amount is associated with incorrect year In Public sector when Purchase order is carried forward two timesKB_4073466DAXSE\SCM\Inventory CostingBatched "Recalculate BOM levels" periodic routine with recurrence builds an ever-growing batch task list that reflects every cycle of the recurrenceKB_4076859DAXSE\SCM\Inventory CostingHigh memory usage during BOM circularity check with high complexity option leads AOS to crashKB_4092505DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost SheetPrice calculation for BOM version with no site specified misses labor tied to Phantom componentKB_4032564DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory ManagementCounting list report doesn't print any inventory dimensions after applying hotfix KB4032564KB_4085996DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management"Quantity cannot be registered" error when trying to do a second registration for a WMS batch itemKB_4087588DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory ManagementDisplayed on-hand inventory quantities aren't consistent after changing inventory dimension itemsKB_4078594DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Transfer Orders or Journals"Inventory dimensions of the" error when batch reservations are changed on a transfer order lineKB_4093686DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Transfer Orders or JournalsMicrosoft Dynamics AX still doesn't allow an item to exist in multiple counting journal even if you've applied hotfix 4057006KB_4077856DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Quality Management"Quantity cannot be reserved" error when trying to validate a quality orderKB_4087303DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Quality ManagementInventory status change doesn't remove the marking although Remove reservation and markings warehouse parameter is set to "Markings and Reservations"KB_4074553DAXSE\SCM\PlanningItem requirement statistics displays incorrect years depending on batch or interactive MRP runKB_4041652DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Intercompany PlanningTransport time isn't retrieved properly during IC planningKB_4093395DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master PlanningIncorrect MRP Futures created for Production order pushes out a Sales orderKB_4024896DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders"The selected formula number" error when firming and consolidating the planned orderKB_4089006DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders"Parameters for master plan" error if bulk order firmed as an adjusted quantityKB_4089012DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned OrdersPlanned purchase order is not generated after the re-explosion from the sales orderKB_4089139DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned OrdersFirming planned purchase orders changes reservations on production orders even if warehouse work existsKB_4089748DAXSE\SCM\Planning\SchedulingIncorrect results when a planned order for an item that BOM contains a line of the Pegged Supply type is rescheduledKB_4077845DAXSE\SCM\ProcurementIssue when posting product receipt from Item arrivalKB_4073636DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\IntercompanyIntercompany sales price and purchase price disappear after update of ship and delivery date with hotfix KB3103875 installedKB_4089511DAXSE\SCM\Product\Product Configuration"Invalid item specified on" error when adding BOM line with condition in product configuratorKB_4089765DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Batch OrdersReport as finished journal for a batch order is created with a planning item rather than the co-product when you use a planning itemKB_4075737DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\KanbanKanban deletion is slowKB_4074811DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production OrdersEstimated quantity on a production order after firming its planned order is incorrectKB_4088326DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production Orders"Overflow in internal run" error when clicking Gantt chart in production orderKB_4089595DAXSE\SCM\Production CostingRaw materials cost for the production order isn't updated correctly when the raw material quantity in production BOM is changedKB_4086196DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\Lean CostingKanban backflush costing fails due to record in InventCostTrans already existsKB_4091394DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\Standard CostRounding variances generated due to canceled closings using latest standard cost price instead of standard cost price from original closing date.KB_4077961DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Packing SlipSales order line for non-stocked items aren't selected for packing slip when called from periodicKB_4058439DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales OrdersOrder holds functionality doesn't work correctlyKB_4087226DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\RequisitionFrench translation for procurement categories doesn't work in EPKB_4072640DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and TransportationCannot complete sales order put work when two user IDs are used in the Picking processKB_4089537DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and TransportationCannot auto-resolve the closed replenishment work during the wave processingKB_4091892DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and TransportationWarehouse Worker role changes from Functional to Enterprise license type after applying Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU13KB_4077388DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Transportation Management\Freight ReconciliationVendor invoice journal number isn't shown from Freight bill details formKB_4075014DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse ManagementReplenishment work isn't created by using the work template specified on the replenishment template lineKB_4093967DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse ManagementStack trace when you do RMA and put away from mobile with the Active in sales process serial tracking dimensionKB_4077490DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker ManagementReplenishment work with "In progress" status isn't consideredKB_4089663DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker ManagementCycle counting process during pick doesn't workKB_4092094DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management"Object 'Query' could not" error when canceling out of work entered from work listKB_4093326DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management"Pick and pack" mobile device parameter causes looping if selecting Full on a work IDKB_4078411DAXSE\Server\DB LoggingPost Load method is invoked in empty recordsKB_4089071DAXSE\Server\SecurityAOS crashes after applying hotfix KB4056022KB_4088328DAXSE\SI\Project AccountingWrong calculation of project invoice with retentionKB_4090722DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\AdjustmentsVoucher is incorrect when you transfer an expense from one to another projectKB_4089343DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\FIM IntegrationDefault description doesn't pull correctly for the project invoice ledgerKB_4089919DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\JournalsThe tax amount is posted to incorrect main account when posting an invoice journal to a project with sales tax code set up with 100% Pct exemptKB_4057901DAXSE\SI\Project ManagementMissing translation in Finnish and incorrect spelling in Finnish languageKB_4088974DAXSE\SI\Project Management\ProjectsSite financial dimension isn't inheriting automatically to project purchase ordersKB_4077672DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM IntegrationProject default financial dimensions aren't inherited on project requests for quotationKB_4088267DAXSE\WorkflowUsing the placeholders Workflow. Link to reject with comment and Base URL to approve/reject workflow results in a stack error when assigning workflows to yourselfKB_4089298DAXSE\Workflow"Field 'Name' must be" error when saving Work item queue assignment rule after deleting default work item queue

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