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dynamicsaxinsight: Add table to a default description
Источник: https://dynamicsaxinsight.wordpress....t-description/


The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how can we extend default descriptions by adding a new table to the default description definition.


Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

  • Understanding of how default descriptions work
Business requirement:

Use customer free text invoice line description field in the definition of Customer – tax invoice, customer default description.

Out of the box only two tables are available to select, CustInvoiceTable and CustInvoiceJour. The requirement is to add CustInvoiceLine.


It can be achieved by developing an extension class of TransactionTextContextCust class.


[ExtensionOf(classStr(TransactionTextContextCust))]final class TransactionTextContextCustMAK_Extension{ private CustInvoiceLine custInvoiceLine; /// /// Provides a list of tables that are supported for use with a specified transaction type. /// /// /// A container that contains a collection of TableId values of tables that are supported by a /// specified transaction type. /// public container getSupportedTables() { container tableList; tableList = next getSupportedTables(); tableList += tableNum(CustInvoiceLine); return tableList; } /// /// Sets the parameter variable of an object to contain the records that are used with a specified /// transaction type. /// /// /// This method must be called before the table fields and values are mapped for the transaction text /// setup parameters. /// public void setParameters() { next setParameters(); parameters = [custInvoiceJour, custInvoiceTable, custInvoiceLine]; } /// /// Set a particular table buffer for a specified transaction type. /// /// /// The Common record that is set based on the TableId value of the buffer. /// /// /// true if the table is supported and the buffer is saved; otherwise, false. /// /// /// The Common record is cast to the appropriate table through switch logic. /// This method can be called repeatedly to assign multiple buffers. /// /// /// The table is not supported by this transaction type. /// public boolean setTableBuffer(Common _common) { boolean tableBufferSet; tableBufferSet = next setTableBuffer(_common); switch (_common.TableId) { case tableNum(CustInvoiceTable): custInvoiceLine = CustInvoiceLine::findByParentRecId(custInvoiceTable.RecId); tableBufferSet = true; break; } return tableBufferSet; }}

Источник: https://dynamicsaxinsight.wordpress....t-description/
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