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alirazazaidi: MB-300 global address book and other address books Dynamics 365 for finance and Operations

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What is GlobalAddress Book

Global Address bookis common or single repository in Dynamics 365 for finance and Operations. Thebasic idea is that, everything is Party either it is Person, Organization,Customer, Vendor, Employee, worker, competitor or Contact.

Data is associatedwith Party, That have, Address, phone number, email.

It is possible thatone Party is Customer in one legal entity and Vendor in other legalentity. Change in any place reflect anyplaces.

Party detail can bevary based on either party is organization or person.

Customer, vend,Contacts, Employee, worker, Applicate all identified as Party Role

The link betweenGlobal Address book and all other object can be explained clearly by Microsoftdocumentation

Party Roles areconsidered to be as follow.

Customer is person or organization, who purchase goods or services from one or more legal entities.

Vendor is person or organization from organization purchase goods or services.

Contact. Is person that representor from vendor who communicate with organization.

Competitor– Person or organization, who provide the similar services or goods.

Applicant. A person, who applied to Job posted in your organization.

Points needs to consideration for Configure Global Address book

Points need to care before Configure Global Address book in your organization.
  • Sequence of First Name, Last Name and middle name in your organization.
  • Party record is delete automatically on deletion of Employee, worker, vendor or customer.
  • Notification in the case of Duplicate Party.
  • Should the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number be included in a party record’s information?
  • If the DUNS number is included in a party record, should the uniqueness of the number be checked?
  • Party default, as organization or Person.
  • Role setup for private addresses.
Reference :

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