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stoneridgesoftware: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Dynamics 365

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been easing into the corporate ecosystem for quite a while now, but over the last few years we’ve seen a rapid uptick in the adoption of these principals. With Dynamics 365, all businesses can now easily take advantage of the benefits of ML and AI and use those insights and technologies to change the business landscape, become more efficient, and reduce manual processes.

Before we dive into the business benefits of machine learning and AI, we first need to compare what each entail.

Machine LearningArtificial IntelligenceAcquisition of knowledge or skillAbility to acquire and apply knowledgeAccuracy valued over successSuccess valued over
accuracyML allows the system to learn new things from dataAI is decision makingML will go for the only solution whether it is optimal or notAI will go for finding the optimal solutionML leads to knowledgeAI leads to intelligence or wisdomWhile they may differ, both ML and AI are components that make up the robust Business Intelligence that is offered within Dynamics 365.

Business Benefits for the USPS

In 2013, the United States Postal Service processed over 150 billion pieces of mail – far too much for efficient human sorting. But as recently as 1997, only 10% of hand-addressed mail was successfully sorted automatically. The challenge in automating mail sorting was enabling computers to interpret seemingly endless variations in handwriting.

By providing feedback, the Postal Service was able to train computers to accurately read human handwriting. Today, with the help of machine learning, over 98% of all mail is successfully processed by machines.

Imagine what Machine Learning Could Do for You

Machine Learning utilizes past data to accurately predict the future. This ability can benefit every department in your organization.
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Automatic spam filtering
  • Ad targeting
  • Recommendations for you based on your prior purchase history
  • Fraud detection
  • Image detection and classification
  • Forecasting
  • Anomaly detection
Microsoft Technology

Dynamics 365 offers built-in integrations with Machine Learning capabilities including:

Finance and Operations
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Product Recommendations and Lead Generation
  • Customer Service Sentiment
  • Lead Scoring and Marketing
  • Customer Service Optimization and Retention
Business Central
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Computer Vision
Dynamics GP
  • Intelligent Edge
The possibilities are endless when it comes to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence within Dynamics 365. Reach out to the experts at Stoneridge Software to learn more.

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