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ax.docentric: Comment on Import/Export Container Data Fields Using D365FO Data Management by Sanja Kolundžija
Источник: https://ax.docentric.com/import-expo.../#comment-2484

In reply to Guillaume De Bue.Hi Guillaume,PrintMgmtSettings.PrintJobSettings field is a container that we need to transform into an unmapped string field for the export purpose. The only way to populate an unmapped field during export is in the postLoad() method, so we didn’t have much choice there.It is true, as you pointed out, that postLoad() requires staging (it can’t be skipped in this case) and for sure influences the performance. I think that it all depends on the use-case. Our example is based on the Docentric Print Management settings data entity, where companies usually don’t have large amount of data, and on the other hand don’t have any OOTB way of migrating the settings among different environments.Kind regards,Sanja

Источник: https://ax.docentric.com/import-expo.../#comment-2484
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