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atinkerersnotebook: Attach OneDrive Documents To Business Process Models Within Lifecycle Services
Источник: http://atinkerersnotebook.com/2014/0...ycle-services/

Originally posted on Dynamics AX Tip Of The Day:

Lifecycle Services is the backbone to your Dynamics AX implementation since it allows you to model all of your business processes, and also track any changes that you may be making as you are getting up and running. It also has an option to attach documents to your projects and business process models. But the documents are stored within Lifecycle Services as links, and not as uploaded documents – probably because Microsoft doesn’t want you filling up LCS with attachments. That’s not a problem though because if you use OneDrive as your document filing system, then you can easily link them into your LCS projects and everyone has access to them without a problem.

Gone are the days of transporting documents around in your head…

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Источник: http://atinkerersnotebook.com/2014/0...ycle-services/
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