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ax.docentric: Comment on Copy Print management settings between legal entities – Part 2 of 8 by Sanja Kolundzija
Источник: https://ax.docentric.com/copy-print-.../#comment-4511

Hi Lisa,There are many parameters that can cause various errors during import. These are the most important factors:1. Use the newest Docentric version, as we keep upgrading out Print Management Settings data entities.2. Have the same Docentric version on both source and target environment.3. After upgrading Docentric, make sure that the Docentric Print Management Settings data entities are removed and refreshed again, to force all new data entity fields to be populated.4. Make sure to regularly check our how-to manual, because we keep updating it.5. As stated in the manual, for migrating from one environment to another, we recommend using the Docentric Print Management Settings Package data entity.I hope you find these hints useful.Kind regards,Sanja

Источник: https://ax.docentric.com/copy-print-.../#comment-4511
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