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Старый 13.02.2007, 00:17   #1  
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AX UK: New Partner Ready AX VPC

Hello! A new AX 4 SP 1 VPC image is due to be released very soon. We had expected it by now, but unfortunately the dvd production has been delayed.
This really will be a great VPC, and will include the following:
1. Snap Ins (Vacation, Expense, Timesheet, Business Data Lookup, Customer Journal, Custom Report Generator)
2. Application Integration Framework
3. Task Recorder
4. Infopath form on EP to create SO's
5. FRX
6. Demand Planner
7. BI Homepage in EP
8. RCT (v2)
9. AX in Chinese
10. Product Builder on EP
For those of you attending the AX Roadshows next week in Reading, Manchester and Edinburgh be sure to bring along an external hard drive and you'll then be able to take the image away with you. Please not you'll need an external hard drive that has at least 27 gig spare.
Posted By Fee Nolan

Старый 13.02.2007, 18:30   #2  
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AX UK: Update on AX 4 SP1 VPC

Apologies, unfortunately we won't be able to release the VPC image for awhile since the Product Team still need to do some work on it - the plan will be to release the image on dvd at and post Convergence.
Posted By Fee Nolan


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