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SSRS report retrieving field metadata error
Hello all!

I have an ssrs report which uses data provider classes and temp tables for data.
In the temporary table I added a new string field, I synchronized the table, compiled the DP classes and it's controller class (additionally used compile forward).

The problem I have is, when I deploy the report through Ax management shell, I get an error:
Publish-AXReport : The AXRDCE extension caught an unexpected exception for repo
rt SalesQuotation.
The error message was:
An exception occurred when retrieving the field metadata for the field Name_LF
in table SalesQuotationDetailsTmp.

The report has more then one design, I use the new added string field in one design and the deploy command finishes without errors, but when I add the same new field in my other design, I get the above mentioned error.

I think I tried everything what I could come up in with, AOS and reporting services restart won't help.

Does anyone else have an idea what I could try?
axapta 2012, field metadata, report deploy exception, ssrs


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