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Thumbs up Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer для американской компании, офис в Киеве
Senior or Intermediate Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer

Project overview
The position is to fill a general vacancy within our NAV Division, which will encompass multiple and ongoing projects.
A long and short term features development projects in different MS Dynamics NAV modules such as Financial Management, Service, Relationship Management, Sales & Receivables, Purchase, Trade and Inventory.
Various integration projects which require using the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technologies (Web Services, .NET Interoperability, Role Tailored Client Extensibility Controls).
Upgrades and transformation projects. The projects presume data migration and transformations of the outdated Classic Client objects (Forms, Reports, Dataports) to the new ones to enable the support of Role Tailored Client.
Business trips: Client site visits are required from time to time, both regionally, and internationally

We are looking for a fully Competent/Senior or Intermediate Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer with 4+ years of total experience in software development

General qualifications

Basic skills:
• A good command of English
• Experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV C/AL and RTC (development, architecture, knowledge of both technical and functional aspects).
• Knowledge of SQL (administration and programming)

Additional skills:
Knowledge of the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and new development technologies (Web Services, .NET Interoperability, Role Tailored Client Extensibility Controls)

Will be a plus:
• Knowledge of .Net
• MS Dynamics NAV certification

Personal competencies:
• Open-minded, communicative, and proactive person
• Able to switch fast and efficiently between projects
• A consulting mindset

• Developing cost effective software features matching the specifications, with the agreed quality, and within or better than the planned schedule and resource usage, following the agreed standards.
• Participating in determining the overall conceptual design and providing technical consultation.
• Acting as technical expert who influences cost-effectiveness, innovation and simplicity in design.
• Performing a technical and functional analysis.
• Investigating tasks and providing estimates on hours, schedules and deadlines.
• Writing design documentation.
• Participating in project meetings, calls with the clients.
• Supervising and guiding Junior and Middle Software Development Engineers to ensure their good performance and high coding quality.

About Celenia
Celenia is a Microsoft-recommended partner over the world since 1999. Having close relationship with Microsoft Corporation Celenia follows the Celenia Global methodology, which encompasses the Microsoft Sure Step methodology, the Microsoft Framework, and our experience as a mature software delivery partner within the Dynamics marketplace.
Celenia brings Microsoft Dynamics products to the certification standards, incorporating strong application testing and coding best practices and participates in Microsoft events (Microsoft Convergence and Directions) on a regular basis.
Following the latest Microsoft platform changes and product development Celenia implements and applies the latest Microsoft Dynamics features in its projects.
Celenia takes a flexible approach to defining a project model depending on our best practices, and a client’s existing working habits and requirements. Project types include but are not limited to: integration, new-feature development, client support, implementations, upgrades, performance, and so on.

Microsoft Dynamics (AX/NAV/CRM), SQL, Sharepoint, BI and general platform (.NET) are the common project technologies in use.

The Celenia overall structure is comprised of a global leadership team that works with local management in each region to implement and develop the Celenia culture and standards of excellence.

Celenia offers
• 100 % English speaking environment
• Working with customers from North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, as well as the Asia and Oceanic regions
• Multicultural environment (the company has offices in 4 locations – Ukraine (Kiev), Belarus (Minsk), USA (Atlanta, GA), and Mexico (Mexico City)
• Complex and interesting projects, across mature and emerging technologies.
• American management style.
• A flexible working schedule
• Friendly, energetic and supportive atmosphere

Please send your CV to or
Check other vacancies on
Violetta Stemasova
Celenia Software
skype: celenia_vis
celenia, nav, nav2009, nav2013, navision


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