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msdynamicsworld: From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations/AX Blogs: Performance Review; Containerization; Entity export; Async method (

In this week's Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (D365FO) and  AX blog roundup:
  • Looking into Dynamics 365 Performance Review
  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations containerization
  • D365FO Bring Your Own Database entity export failing with no error message
  • Calling async method from X++
Looking into Dynamics 365 Performance Review

On Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics AX in the Field blog, Megan Lenling stated that the D365FO Performance Review is an important part of Microsoft's offering. She noted that the feature offers users proactive support as well as insight and understanding of the health and performance of their deployments.

Lenling conducted a Q&A with senior D365FO PFE Rod Hansen to get answers to some common questions. In the blog post, Hansen explained exactly what a Performance Review is and talked about some of its functions.

You can read the Q&A and learn at what stages of a project it's most important to focus on performance, the benefits a customer can expect to gain from the Performance Review and more here.

D365FO containerization

On Galyna Fedorova's Microsoft Dynamics AX blog, Fedorova detailed the containerization process in D365.
Containerization, also called packing, is the process of using standardized containers for the storage and transport of units from a warehouse. When packing is performed it’s specified as part of the methods in the wave template. This setup affects the way in which containerization logic works.

In her blog post, Fedorova discussed the constraints that are evaluated during containerization, such as warehouse-specific constraints and container-specific constraints. She also explained the advantages offered by containerization.

You can learn about containerization in D365FO here.

<h2>D365FO  Bring Your Own Database entity export issues

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