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emeadaxsupport: Improve your chances for fast hotfix turnaround

When you have discovered a product-defect and you need a hotfix as soon as possible, you have to report it to Microsoft support. Our frontline engineers will investigate the issue and in order to submit a hotfix request to the Product Group they need to collect all required information in a special format and pass it to the 2nd level support team. We understand that we spend time on communication to collect all required information from you and this leads to delays and frustration of end users.

I believe if we get required information from the moment when you open a support request we can verify the issue on our side and pass it to the development team without a delay. Please review the Issue Description Example to understand what we expect to receive and use this Bug Template when you submit a new support request.

I hope it can help Microsoft Dynamics AX Partners reducing the time to receive a solution.

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