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axinthefield: Learn how to extend a data entity with Budget Planning justification documents

One of the advantages of the Dynamics 365 ecosystem is how easy it is to use tools like Visual Studio to customize the system using extensions without introducing complexity into the upgrade process. Today's post will show you an example of creating an extension to a data entity in just a few minutes to enable reporting on additional field in your system.

Table of Contents


A new feature is available in Dynamics 365 10.0.18 to author a budget plan narrative as part of the budgeting process. This feature created two new fields and added an HTML control to the budget plan document to enable the new feature. The new feature does not include any reporting so I started down this path to see if I could use the justification document feature using Microsoft Word to get a report with data.

Creating your model

The first step in the development process is to create a new model. A model is grouping of new artifacts and customizations in Dynamics 365. It sets metadata and defines dependencies for our new functionality.

  1. Run Visual Studio.
  2. Click Dynamics 365 in the top menu and select Model Management.
  3. Click Create Model.
  4. Enter a Model using the naming convention for your organization, such as RSFIN in my case to designate myself (Ryan Sandness) and that this model is for finance functions.
  5. Fill out the rest of the fields, leaving layer set to usr for most scenarios.
  6. Click to create a new package.
  7. Select the referenced packages. This screen is important to set your dependencies. If you see an unexpected "Table not found" or "Field not found" type errors later on, it is likely you missed something here.
    You can see the example here of missing the [Personnel Core] model not set as a dependency based on the "Table HcmWorker does not exist" error during build.
  8. Our packages required are ApplicationPlatform, ApplicationSuite, Directory, Dimensions, and PersonnelCore.
  9. Select yes to create a new Dynamics 365 Project.

Extending your data entity

  1. Click View and select Application Explorer if you don't already see it open on your screen.
  2. Search for BudgetPlanJustification to find all related artifacts.
  3. Select BudgetPlanJustificationView under Views and right-click to create extension.
  4. Select BudgetPlanJustificationEntity under Data Entities and right-click to to create extension.
  5. Note that this entity is an ODATA entity only and can't be used with Data Management. For other entities that use Data Management we would also need to extend the staging table entity.
  6. Open the BudgetPlanJustificationView.extension.
  7. Expand View Metadata, Data Sources, BudgetPlanLine Data Sources, and BudgetPlanHeader, and Fields.
  8. Add the two fields Description and RevenueSummary by selecting them and dragging them lower into the fields node..
  9. Modify the project by right-clicking and set synchronize database to true.
  10. Build.
  11. Open the BudgetPlanJustification entity.
  12. Expand Data Sources, BudgetPlanJustificationView, and Fields.
  13. Add the two fields Description and RevenueSummary by selecting them and dragging them lower into the fields node.
  14. Build.

Verify your results

  1. Back in Dynamics navigate to Data Management.
  2. Click into framework parameters.
  3. Click into entity settings.
  4. Click refresh entity list and wait about 10 minute to complete.
  5. Navigate to Excel workbook designer under Organization Administration, Setup, Office Integration.
  6. Select our BudgetPlanJustification entity.
  7. Verify available fields in the field list.

Call to Action

Did you find that to be easier than you thought? There was no complex logic with our field to have to deal with, but this covers the basics that apply to many entity extensions.

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