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dynamicscpm: Learn more about Management Reporter at Convergence 2014

If you are heading to Atlanta next week for Convergence 2014 (March 4-7), we hope to see you there!

Convergence Expo

The Management Reporter team is sending several members of the team to the event. You can find us in the Expo in the Microsoft Technologies area. We’ll have team members on hand throughout the week to give you a demo of a feature or to answer your questions about Management Reporter and Forecaster.

Also, in the expo, the Customer Service and Support team for Management Reporter and Forecaster also will be available in the Expo area to take your detailed questions.

Deep Dive session for Management Reporter

“Management Reporter: Financial Consolidations and currency translation” is the Management Reporter deep dive session this year. We get a ton of questions in these areas and thought having a session that goes deep into these areas would add great value to customers.

We’ll start with basic consolidation scenarios and build into alterative scenarios and wrap up with currency translation.

Interactive sessions for Management Reporter

If you’ve followed our team blog for a while, you know we love our YouTube videos. Our interactive session this year will show you how you to get the most out of these videos to build your Management Reporter skills.

In the Dynamics AX track, we’ll also have an interactive session talking about customers who have moved to Management Reporter to meet their financial reporting needs.

Concurrent sessions for Management Reporter and Forecaster

We also have eight concurrent sessions on Management Reporter and one on Forecaster, rounding out your options for learning all you can about CPM. You can find most of these sessions in the Cross Product track, since they apply to the Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL solutions, plus any Dynamics NAV customers that moved from FRx to Management Reporter.

Management Reporter

  • Management Reporter: The Basics
  • Transitioning from Microsoft FRx to Management Reporter
  • Management Reporter: Everything you need to know about designing efficient and engaging reports
  • Management Reporter: 50 Tips in 50 Minutes
  • Management Reporter: Streamlining the report distribution process
  • Management Reporter Installation & Configuration
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Global Financials Management (in Dynamics AX track)
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013: Financial consolidations, currency translation and reporting (in Dynamics AX track)

Microsoft Forecaster: Preparing for a new budgeting season

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