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emeadaxsupport: Overview of AX kernel crash hotfixes

This blog should help you to get an overview on which kernel hotfixes are available concerning crash issues. As all kernel are cumulative, meaning that they contain all previous made hotfixes, only the link for the very latest hotfix is added in this blog.

The blog will be updated on regular basis.

Hotfixes can be downloaded on LCS

Week 14 2014

Latest AX 2012 R2

KB 2957061

Build: 6.2.1000.7176

Customizations to the Windows locale causes the AX client to
crash when compiling C# projects in the AOT

Latest AX 2012 RTM

KB 2920058

Build: 6.0.1108.6720

DATAAREAIDLITERAL enabled causes company switching issue

Latest AX 2009

KB 2949685

Build: 5.0.1600.2619

:AOS crashing when attempting to remove the oldest open cursor -
If an access violation exception occurs in
the ODBC driver, the AOS subsequently crashes.

AX 2012
R2 KB Number DescriptionKernel Build2955002Gantt chart printing causes client crash6.2.1000.70952936564Random crashes in production
related to EP is crashing AOS / follow up on CR 9375526.2.1000.65032935257Dynamics AX Client crash while
compiling Web Control6.2.1000.64892934893Client/AOS crash when using
SysExtensionSerialize framework in extended table inheritance hierarchy6.2.1000.64502933241AOS crash in production system6.2.1000.63812929836AOS crashs if adding Query under Data
source of View. And the name of Query and View is the same.6.2.1000.62262921439AOS crashs when trying to multiple
select product receipts in relation with
Purchase Invoicing.6.2.1000.56162908562AUC file causing the AX client to
crash on startup6.2.1000.47102893298Retail POS crashes when a special
character is typed in the Customer tax CPF field6.2.1000.34842899139AX 2012 R2 CU6 client crashes when
accessing a mapped field from a derived table6.2.1000.42652898355AOS crashed in clicking Global Address
Book under a custom security role6.2.1000.37042885202Client crash when user uses the
"personalize" option to customize grid list views6.2.1000.28302878051Client crash in WPF code when opening
and closing sales orders from the all sales orders form6.2.1000.2473AX 2012 RTM KB Number DescriptionKernel Build2953630Client crash while refresh the Sales listpage after manually
remove the field of the grid6.0.1108.66742954310AOS crashes when memory is exhausted
after importing a modelstore and usagedata is6.0.1108.66782926477AOS crashed frequently in a production
box at cqlCursor::updateDirty6.0.1108.63282896498Client crash when user uses the
"personalize" option to customize grid list views backport to crashes in WPF code when
opening and closing sales orders from the all sales orders form6.0.1108.53892873724Creating a view with
DirAddressBookPartyAllView as table data source crashes the client6.0.1108.52802871312AX is crashing or opening other
instance of AX if we try to open cust billing Code form or dispaly menu item
Cust billing code-- BAT cases failing2871429AOS crashed with .NET Framework 4.5
for WCF service QueryService6.0.1108.51952864594Client crash due to WPF message
rendering thread6.0.1108.50372862463Client crashes after users personalize
forms to modify their layout2856724Default signing limit rule details
form crashes client6.0.1108.48782847250Form "Frame type" = None
causes client crash2842699Client crashes in Citrix environment
with Citrix profile manager enabled "AX32.EXE!bufdesc_t::addbuffer"6.0.1108.4609AX 2009 KB Number DescriptionKernel Build2949685AOS crashing when attempting to remove the oldest open cursor
- followup to CR 10182065.0.1600.26192887886Retail POS crashes when a special
character is typed in the 'Customer CNPJ/CPF' field (BR)5.0.1600.21942875068AOS crashing at
Ax32Serv!cqlDatasourceSql::next in freeing a NULL pointer5.0.1600.20072848284AX 2009 Client Crashes during
development tasks. Follow-up on CR 6371555.0.1600.17672794301AOS crash while printing many reports
as files to disk (Based on conclusion of #372540)5.0.1600.12182762623Printing to PDF makes the RU8 client
crash when vendor name contains Thai characters5.0.1600.7552703293AX2009 Regular AOS crashes in
Ax32Serv!SqlStmt::next coming from a client serverNext call RFH5.0.1600.32674839AOS crash in
Ax32Serv!interpret::xal_asg_sym_opr5.0.1500.66782676477Potential regression of AXSE 22213 -
Running the attached job crashes the AOS5.0.1500.66552653378AX2009 SP1: AOS crashes due to
uncaught compilation error5.0.1500.63392620343RFH: unpack method crashes AOS if the
number of packed elements in array exceeds 50


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