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msdynamicsworld: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Insights, Session 8: Production

Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) training insights series. In our eighth session, we will be providing training insights on production. We will cover the audience, content, timing, nature, and approach to this training and finish with a quick tip.You can see the full article series here.

Production is one of the most difficult training areas in D365 because of the broad range of learners with varying skill sets spread across several manufacturing locations who need to be trained on complex topics. Companies need to have a well-thought-out training plan to meet the needs of this diverse group. Typical roles under this function are production managers, supervisors, clerks, and all manufacturing personnel including material handlers, machine operators, quality assurance, etc. Even though the management layer may be located in the headquarters, most users reside in manufacturing plants on the shop floor.

This training covers work center management, route, and operations management, Bill of Materials (BOM) management, Work in Process (WIP) management, production order costing, and production order lifecycle management from production order creation to finish, labor, and material postings.

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