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axinthefield: Save time during close with a trial balance including unposted detail

We have a fantastic new report that I have had customers asking me about for years. We now have a trial balance report based on Electronic Reporting that can generate a trial balance including unposted transactions. This is a great time saver during close where you can preview journals and verify expected results prior to final posting.

Table of Contents


I've spoken with a number of customers who haven't yet configured Electronic Reporting yet. For any organizations using Dynamics with an international footprint, it is absolutely something you should already be looking at. For US based organizations, this is a great reason to take a look now and see if there are other interesting reports as well as document formats to use.

The official documentation for this feature isn't clear in where this report is or how to set it up, so I will walk through all of the required steps. The new report is accessible under General Ledger, clicking Inquiries and reports and opening Trial balance with transaction detail.

Enable required features

The original version of the report became available in 10.0.13 (Oct 2020), but the addition of unposted transaction support just became available in 10.0.20 (Aug 2021).

You will need two features in feature management to be enabled. Under all within Feature Management search for *trial to see both features.
  • Generate the trial balance with transaction detail report
  • Generate trial balance with pending type transactions

Electronic Reporting Setup

If you don't already have a global repository configured, follow the link provided below. Configure the Global repository.
  1. Navigate to Electronic Reporting
  2. Click into Repositories of the Microsoft provider
  3. Click Open from the ribbon
  4. Scroll down or add a filter for configuration name begins with Trial
  5. Select the entry for Trial balance with transactional detail (excel) and click Import

Post sample transactions

There is a good variety of what draft transactions can be reported on. The draft transaction list currently shows:
  • budget journals
  • budget register entries
  • customer payment journals
  • daily journals
  • free text invoices
  • project invoices
  • purchase orders
  • purchase requisitions
  • vendor invoices
  • vendor invoice journals
  • vendor invoice register journals
  • vendor payment journals
  • advanced ledger entries
  • allocation journals
For simplicity, I posted a simple general journal between a typically unused sales account (403600) and my Canadian bank account (110115) to make sure I get a unique line on my report.

Run the report

Let's first take a look at the example with only the first feature enabled. We'll set date parameters for the month of September, set show transactions to all, select our financial dimension set, and make sure our format mapping is filled in. The format mapping will be missing unless we completed the import from our electronic repository step. Click OK to generate.

According to LCS Issue Search, the first version of the report has an option to show unposted, but it didn't actually work. We'll enable the second feature and look at the parameters again.

So now we have the ability to say which unposted data we'd like to see in the report. We will select daily transactions and run.

Opening the report, I see my transaction here. Under voucher we see two asterisks for the voucher, as we don't have a voucher yet.

Call to Action

Pretty, cool right? The ability to check your trial balance prior to posting can help with reducing errors in posting adjusting entries and verifying results prior to posting during a hectic month end close.

If you have Premier Support, we have several team members that can assist with proactive and reactive offerings, including reporting. Reach out today to your Customer Success Account Manager for a Dynamics 365 resource and we’ll have one of our experts work with you to get you the help you need.

You can also get notice about new features like this in our monthly feature blog posts here, read our monthly newsletter here, and learn more details about upcoming features in our monthly technical update briefing here.

Otherwise, feel free to connect and reach out via LinkedIn.

Additional resources:

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