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Shekhar: Dynamics AX2009 : Standalone Installation on Vista with Role centres and workflow.

Many of the consultants use VPC provided by Microsoft for demo and exploration of functionalities within AX. The reason behind is that The VPC has all the components installed which we normally use e.g. SQL server,SharePoint services,setup of AX2009 application fully configured. But the use of  VPC has a few drawbacks also e.g. its slow,takes a lot of space on HDD, consumes system memory and it won't load when you not sufficient memory to run the host system etc.... Many of us install the application on our local machines/laptop to work faster. But until now the installation of the role centres and workflow were not possible to install on a local machine running Vista/XP.  It is recommended that SQL and AX2009 should be installed on a server 2K family. We all know that SQL server and AX2009 can be installed on a Vista machine which is part of a domain network as well (If anyone wishes to know more how to install these then drop me an PM). The glamour of AX 2009 lies in its  Role centre and Workflow components. These two components require installation of Windows SharePoint services( WSS)  3.0 as a prerequisite. Without the SharePoint services we cannot install these two AX 2009 components. Follow the below steps to install AX 2009 application on a local machine running VISTA OS and enjoy the features of role centres and workflow even without the server :

Step 1. Install SQL server on your machine. (There are plenty of help available on internet if anyone is stuck at this step)

Step 2. Install WSS on your machine.

I have found while searching on internet a very useful link that helps to install SharePoint services 3.0 SP1 on a Vista machine which is part of a domain . Pls go to below link and install WSS 3.0

Step 3. Install AX 2009 basic components for standalone installation ( AOS,Client,Database) only . The reason behind this suggestion is the advise from many technical gurus that the Enterprise portal should be installed after having installed all the latest service packs and kernel rollups and hot fixes . If we do not do this then we would need to re-install enterprise portal at the end again.

During installation you would get  warnings the current operating system is not the recommended operating system for installing AX2009.

Step 4. After having installed the basic components, configure the system service accounts in Administration>Setup>Security>System service account.   This will require a connection to the domain network. These service accounts are needed for workflow and business connector to connect to AX session.

Step 5. Run the AX2009 setup again and select to install the Role centre and Workflow components. They will get installed . ( you may get some warnings during the process but do not worry.) I have tested it on my local machine the same way and working fine.

Step 6. If you have installed visual studio 2008 also on your vista then you can install other components for doing business intelligence and web developments.

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