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msdynamicsworld: Power BI Insights: Calculating business hours with DAX; Premium licenses; Date format; Covid-19 dashboard; Tableau comparisons

Microsoft Power BI pros share their thoughts on calculating business hours with DAX, Premium licenses, date formats, Covid-19 dashboard analysis and comparisons with Tableau.

Using DAX to calculate business hours

Microsoft MVP Matt Allington, writing on the Excelerator BI blog, explored how users can calculate total business hours between a set start and end time using DAX.  He began by generating some sample data, mocking up some help desk tickets with open and end dates. In his example, a column called elapsed hours indicates the differences between open and end times, including weekends, holidays and non-working hours. He wrote:
This problem can be solved using DAX or using Power Query. I have chosen DAX to calculate the business hours in this case.  I explain my rationale as to why in the video. As always I prefer to solve problems by breaking the problem into pieces, testing the results at every step before moving forward. I used variables in DAX in order to define each step and test it before I moved on.  Using variables gives good readability and understandability of the complex DAX formulas.

Allington included his DAX formulas and a video of the process.

<h2>Applying Power BI Premium licenses

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