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everythingdynamicsaxbi: What’s new in Financial Reporting?

I just realized there are some new features inside Financial Reporting for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as I was working with some reports for a customer. The first thing I noticed was when I was creating a new report and I couldn’t select from my  financial dimensions inside the Report Designer. So I started to check the integration, but everything looked fine and the synchronization had run successfully. Turns out there’s a new setup for Financial Reporting where you have to specify which financial dimensions to include in Financial Reporting. Select the ones you need and wait for the integration to sync them over (5-10 minutes). You can find the setup here:

You can also include additional reporting attributes for Vendor and Customer. This basically makes it possible to include Vendor and Customer information in your financial reports. To be able to enable this from the user interface instead of editing some config files, as you had to do for AX2012, is a very useful feature, and I’m glad that this has been implemented as part of the Financial reporting setup:

A couple of other new features I stumbled across is that you can see the integration status from the Report Designer. If you go to Tools-> Integration Status you can see the last time the synchronization ran and a detailed view of the different tasks:

Also, you can now reset the data mart from the Report Designer if you are experiencing issues with your data. No more manual rebuilding of the data mart as we had to do when working with AX2012. I haven’t been able to test this in an actual customer environment yet so perform this at your own risk, but I tested this in a demo environment and I was able to successfully reset the data mart. The steps are fairly straight forward:
  1. Go to Tools -> Reset Data Mart

2. You are presented with a new window which holds information about how many records you have in your data mart and you can chose to reset the data mart. Remember that you will not be able to generate any Financial reports when the reset process is running.

The Integration Status windows pops up and the process is running:

For this environment the process ran for about 5 minutes and I was presented with this window when the integration completed:

Now run some of your reports and make sure that the data are displayed correctly.

That’s it for now! Any questions or comments, let me know

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