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axinthefield: Application Version 10.0.21 is Available for Public Preview

Application version 10.0.21 is now available for public preview. If you are interested in learning more about getting access to preview builds through the Public Early Access Program (PEAP) please check out a blog I wrote here. There is also a known issue with the build that I've documented at the end of the blog.

For a listing of all KBs included in this release, you can find the list here.

Below are 10.0.21 features marked as preview under the new tab in feature management:

Feature name


Inventory closing progress details

This feature enables a detailed view of inventory closing progress.

Cost management

(Preview) Priority driven MRP support for Planning Optimization

This Planning Optimization preview feature enables master planning driven by planning priority with reorder point.

Highlighted changes:

- ‘Planning priority’ field on Sales order line, Purchase order line, Demand forecast and Planned orders.

- A new Coverage code option

- Item coverage field for Reorder point.

- Master planning setup forms to control the ‘Planning priority’ setup.

- Planning Optimization calculation logic to set and respect ‘Planning priority'

Master planning

Allow to set up ER destinations per print management item

This feature allows you to configure destinations of outbound documents that are generated by an Electronic reporting (ER) format when this format is selected in Print management (PM). Selecting the same ER format in different PM items, you can configure different destinations.

Organization administration

Prevent overconsumption of general budget reservations when multiple purchase requisitions are in workflow

This feature improves error checking when users submit and approve purchase requisitions that exceed the remaining balance of a general budget reservation line. This helps prevent overconsumption of general budget reservations when multiple purchase requisitions are in workflow.

Procurement and sourcing

(Private Preview) Enable project purchase orders on Project Operations for resource based/non-stocked scenarios.

This feature will allow user to create project related purchase orders in Legal entities with Project Operations on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement integration enabled. Project purchase orders can be used to record non-stocked materials procurement against the project by Procurement department persona. Project Purchase Order will not sync to Dataverse, however you can use virtual entity to surface Project purchase order lines in Dataverse for Project Manager information. Project related vendor invoice cost is integrated to Project Actuals entity in Dataverse. Project cost is recorded in Project subledger using Project Operations Integration journal.

Project management and accounting

Enable a mechanism to represent dimensions as swatch

Product dimension could be represented as a swatch. In this feature we want to provide a mechanism to represent dimensions as swatch and enable it on e-commerce.

Retail and commerce

Scan GS1 barcodes

Enables the Warehouse Management mobile app to scan GS1 barcodes.

Warehouse management

Use faster API for containers closing/reopening on packing station

When this feature enabled inventory transactions related to containers are created using new lite weight process to improve performance of closing or reopening containers during manual packing station processing.

Warehouse management

Features marked new in 10.0.21 but are no longer marked as preview:

Feature name


(Mexico) Adds new field Settled amount in the CFDI (electronic invoices) payment and this field value is output in attribute Monto.

Accounts receivable

NF-e custom certificate validation

Accounts receivable

Include narrative fields when copying a budget plan


(Belgium) CODA bank statement processing performance improvement

Cash and bank management

Turn off set based updates for customer settlement cash discount date

Cash and bank management

Validate Finance insights configuration (On by default)

Cash and bank management

This feature enables multi-threading when creating collection letters in batch

Credit and collections

(Brazil) SPED Reinf updates in events 5011 and 2055

Fiscal books

Prevent multiple depreciation in same period

Fixed assets

(Russia) Include opening and closing period types when calculating balances in financial reports

General ledger

Dimension attributes values collection optimization in ‘MasterFiles’ report section of SAF-T for Norway (On by default)

General ledger

Sealed bidding for RFQs

Procurement and sourcing

Show full serial, batch, and license plate numbers in the production floor execution interface

Production control

Allows future transactions to be allocated to a budget in the current period.

Project management and accounting

Create project estimates using multiple batch tasks

Project management and accounting

Make Project Hour journals read-only if current approval status doesn't allow editing.

Project management and accounting

Post Project Operations integration journal using multiple batch tasks

Project management and accounting

(Brazil) NFC-e synchronous processing

Retail and commerce

(Russia) Customer information management in Retail POS

Retail and commerce

Enable generation of a stronger channel reference ID

Retail and commerce

Enable Russian simplified customer address format

Retail and commerce

Prevent unintentional price calculation for commerce orders. (On by default)

Retail and commerce

Sales quotation referenced data export policy

Sales and marketing

(Eastern Europe) Allow to settle Customer/Vendor transactions if there are several voucher transactions with type Customer balance/ Vendor balance

Shared AP and AR

Improved legal entity support for saved views

System administration

Skip writing batch constraints history

System administration

(India) Enable posted withholding transaction form for TDS/TCS


Performance improvements for VAT register transactions form


VAT statement format reports.


Withholding tax payment against vendor account


Decouple putaway work from ASNs

Warehouse management

Post on-hand adjustments using configurable reason codes connected to offset accounts

Warehouse management

Slot mixed units

Warehouse management

Warehouse app step instructions

Warehouse management

Prevents multiple executing Workflow message processing batch jobs. (On by default)


There is a known IaaS deployment issue in the preview release and a fix is already in the works. Here is the message that was posted in Yammer:


Known deployment issue for release 10.0.21

Application: 10.0.960.20

Platform: 7.0.6129.15

When deploying release 10.0.21 on IaaS, you may receive the following deployment warning:

Warning code


Warning message

Script [SetupDiagnostics] failed execution against VM

The deployment will work despite the warning, however, the following known issues may occur in Lifecycle Services (LCS):
  • On the Environment monitoring page, the View detailed version information link will not appear, so you won’t be able to see the specific versions of the modules installed in your environment. Without this data, subsequent hotfixes might fail because the process that applies hotfixes uses this data to verify that the module version prerequisites are met. Because it’s not possible to use the PEAP/Preview build in production or apply hotfixes, the impact should be minimal.
  • The Performance Metrics and Index Analysis tabs on the Environment Monitoring page under SQL Insights won’t display any data. All other Environment Monitoring features will work as intended.
The Full System Diagnostics page will not be accessible. The associated data about the status of the nightly collector runs and issues detected by its rules also won’t show up.


Thanks for reading! Please connect with me on LinkedIn for future AX in the Field blog posts and discussion. We also have several workshops, chalk talks, and assessments available to help you get the most out of your D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management investment. Click here for a listing of our service offerings and reach out to your Customer Success Account Manager (CSAM) for more information on how to get started.

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