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alirazazaidi: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Development Cookbook desi Review.

A couple of days ago, book published in our neighbor ( Dehli is 300 miles from Lahore)

.  Author Name Is Deepak Agrawal.

The word Deepak is interesting, it means terracotta lamp. lamp lit on special occasions. There is also folk festival in sub-continent called deewalli certainly means lit up lamp. A couple of weeks ago, I visited a ancient city round 50 kilometer from Lahore called Deepalpur. There is folklore that deewalli festival was originated from there.

India and Pakistan are neighbor has very bad relationship. But in the time of trade, we usually exchange, onions, wheat, rice and tomato. There are a lot of mistrust between us and our neighbor.

In couple of years back I purchased book online on Baba Bulleh shah (Famous folk poet) and with a few weeks later, book reached at my door step with collaboration with “Indian air mail” and Pakistani ” Pakistan Post Office”.

I hope one day the relation between Pakistan and India will just like America and Canada.

I got the D365 for Finance and operations cook book from some pirated link. After download, I shared the link to author, and message ” If you don’t have the book download it from here”. Hopes he enjoy his book as we enjoy it as ” Deepak saeen daa langar ( Free lunch on sufi shrines)”.

Now I have to come to point after little bite of history and Indo Pak relations.

Book is excellent. It is handy and cover the almost all technical scenarios with very simple and precise examples. It is scenario based book, Instead a lot of story and unnecessary details, It focus to the point. As compare to previous cook books, which were more abstract, this feel book wrote in mind of fresh graduates or new developers in Dynamics Ax / Dynamics 365 for finance and operations.  After reading book, I feel it is like jigsaw puzzle, you can create a full customization by arrange piece by piece if you have this book. It contains everything which I come across in my 5 years’ experience for Dynamics.

Followings are chapters and my review.

Processing Data:

This chapter covers from creating new model, project in visual studio to complex Sql query execution.  Here you can find, creating a new sequence number, rename primary key, use regular table as temporary table. How to create query object at run time. And how to execute SQL Query directly in X++ code.

My favorite recipe here is ” How to use regular table as temporary table”.

Working with Forms

This chapter gives us very basics of Dynamics 365 for finance and operations forms. Very precise examples for day to day  scenarios.  These recipes contains how to make dialog, tips on catching dialog events, building dynamic form, creating a model form, storing the last values in form. Tree view control, Adding a view detail link. Also good detail of Dynamics form Patterns in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations.

My favorite recipe here is ” Storing Last values in form “.

Working with Data in Forms

This chapter covers the recipes for data manipulations in forms.  It covers sequence number handling, creating custom filter controls. Building a selected  or available list. Processing multiple record, Coloring the records, adding images to different record.

My favorite recipe is ” coloring the records “;

Building Lookups

This chapter covers the lookups based on different scenario, I found all are practical example for building Lookups

Processing Business Tasks.

This chapter is amazing. Containing everything you need to customize. You will find here, segment entry control, creating and posting general entry posting with X++ code, processing of Project ledger,  creating and posting of ledger voucher, creating Sales order, purchase order and electronic payment format.

Data Management

This chapter provide recipes of data migration for example,  data entities, data entities with multiple sources, Data packages, import export and trouble shooting.

Integration with Microsoft Office.

This chapter covers the integration with Excel and word using add-in, workbook designer, custom ax lookup in excel. And creating word document with repeated elements.

Integration with Power BI.

This chapter is also good, recipe for Dynamics 365 for finance and operations starts with Configuring Power BI, consuming data in Excel, Integration with excel, developing interactive Dashboards, embedding Power BI visuals.

Integration with services.

Couple of years back, I was integration expert, I did a lot of integration. This chapter is favorite for me. I was never be good designer, So services attract me more. Just write, consume, map fields schedule and run. I still do integrations of dynamics with. Even with devices like thumb recognition and attendance machines available locally with HR and Payroll.

This chapter contains the recipes

Custom service development, authentication with native client also with Azure. Consuming services in Json and soap. You can also find about Odata services. And also consuming external web services in Dynamics 365 for finance and operations.

Improving development efficiency and performance.

This chapter name seems not right, noting about performance here. It feels what left is placed here, Still recipes are valid and from practical day to day development / customization scenarios. Like extensions, display methods, calculate code execution time, enhance insert, delete and update time. Writing efficient SQL Queries. Event handler and delegate handlers.

I recommend you to read this book.

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